Edward Gwyn Jones 

Laurium: a dialogue,  2021

Laurium: a dialogue is a collaborative film by Edward Gwyn Jones and Alkmini Gkousiari, which ruminates on proximity, movement, and language through Alkmini’s visit to an ancient silver mine in Laurium, Greece. The film embraces the inherent loss and labyrinth of miscommunication between Alkmini and Edward in their attempt to translate the entangled sensations, histories, and stories articulated by the mine.

Edward Gwyn Jones & Alkmini Gkousiari
Single channel HD video and stereo sound, English subtitles, dur.00:13:14
Custom pine and aluminium seating

Watch HERE

Exhibited for HOT WHEELS, GSA MFA Showcase, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, 24-27 June 2021

MINE/MINE,  2021

Alkmini Gkousiari and Edward Gwyn Jones
Photographic print on aluminium dibond, pine and aluminium seating, risograph on recycled paper

MINE/MINE (2021) is a series of photographic prints on aluminium dibond and a short text exploring the im/permanence and hierarchies of symbols and gestures as they developed in, around, away from, and through the ancient silver mine that Laurium: a dialogue takes as its subject. MINE/MINE was exhibited as part of COOL DOWN Projects at The Pipe Factory during COP26 (30/10-14/11) in association with La Malterie Lille, Alliance Francaise Glasgow, Strange Field and CCA Glasgow.

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