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Twisted Pair, 2022

Single channel HD video and stereo sound, open captions

Performers: Craig Manson & Bishop May Down 
Camera Assistant: Matthew Cosslett
Sound mixing: Kate Jane Robinson 

Thanks to: Bryony Dawson, Eva Richardson McCrea, Leo Robinson, Lydia Davies, Jess Holdengarde, Matthew Cosslett, Broadscope Studios, Cove Park.

Support by: Creative Scotland & Glasgow Life
Orientated around an erotic and stylised telephone conversation between two characters, Twisted Pair explores a period of ten years following 1975 as defined in the west by the rise of neoliberal ideology, the first cases of HIV/AIDS, and the privatisation of telecommunications. A subjective narrator guides the viewer through a web of historical references and an absurdist dialogue assembled from pop music and queer cinema, set within various cinematic conventions: the split-screen, the script, an intermission, the rolling credits. Twisted Pair considers how this period of change affected how we consider structures of power, messy histories and queer identity. 

Please contact me for a viewing link: edwardgwynjones@gmail.com